Showcase: Finite Element Analysis in Actions

Compiled by:  Dr. Yijun Liu


FEA of a FSAE Bracket, Final Project by Sam Glover (ME, Class of 2017)

Analysis of a Brake System, Final Project by Mike Emerson (ME, Class of 2017)

BCMS Frame Analysis, Final Project by Troy Hanson (ME, Class of 2017)

Analysis of FSAE Front Wheel Hub, Final Project by Alex Ariapad (ME, Class of 2017)

F-104 Starfighter Wing Structure Design Using FEA, Final Project by William VonHagen and Dan Galbraith (Aero, Class of 2009)

FEA of a Tire Iron, Final Project by Kyle Parker (ME, Class of 2009)

Impact FEA Analysis of a Football Helmet , Final Project by Mike McCoppin (ME, Class of 2009)

Dynamic FEA of a Helmet In Action, Final Project by Jordan Smith III (ME, Class of 2009)

3-D Stress and Dynamic Analysis of a Gear, Final Project by Nhat Cao (ME, Class of 2009)

Static and Modal Analysis of a Five Spoke 18” Alloy Wheel, Final Project by Hien Ly (ME, Class of 2009)

Heat Conduction and Vibration Analysis of a Heat Sink, Final Project by Abhishek Joshi (ME, Class of 2009)

FEA of a Solid Bracket, Final Project by Maria Totterdale (ME, Class of 2008)

FEA of a Bellcrank, Final Project by Scott Smith (ME, Class of 2003)

FEA of a Trolley, Final Project by Jeff Badertscher (ME, Class of 2001)

FEA of a Control Arm, Final Project by John Kantura (ME, Class of 2001)

FEA of a Grinding Wheel, Final Project by Mike Kasselman (ME, Class of 1999)

FEA of a Spindle Part, Final Project by Travis A. Smith (ME, Class of 1998)

FEA of a Beverage Can, Final Project by Keith Day (ME, Class of 1997)

FEA of a Carabiner, Final Project by Dan Gerbus (ME, Class of 1997)

Modal Analysis of a Connecting Rod, Final Project by Jill Luginbuhl (ME, Class of 1997)

Thermal Analysis of a Duct, Final Project by Annette Simons-Petersen (ME, Class of 1997)


Nonlinear Contact FEA of a Couple Driveshaft, by Robert Bockwich (ME Graduate Student, 2009)

FEA of a Cooling Fan, by Vinayak S. Kaujalgi (ME Graduate Student, 2000)

Modal Analysis of a Steel Screw Mounted Bearing, by Bipin Babu Velkur (ME Graduate Student, 1999)

Dynamic FEA of Bells, by Liang Shen (Aero. Eng. Graduate Student, 1999)

Model Analysis of a Flywheel, by Chitragupt V. Kulkarni (ME Graduate Student, 1999)

FEA for Your Ear: An Acoustic Guitar, by Li Cao, P. Becker and M. Witter (ME Graduate Students, 1997)

Drop/Impact Simulation of a Pop Can Using LS-Dyna3D

Simulation of Impact to a Shell Structure (from LS-Dyna3D)

Simulation of Dummy-Safety Belt Interactions (from LS-Dyna3D)


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Last updated February 23, 2020 .