Current Full-Time Graduate Students




Research Area


Yuxiang Li


Fall 2014

Fast BEM for Crack Problems

Ashwani Thakur MS Fall 2016 Simulation of the Dynamics of UAVs
Achal Jain MS Fall 2016 Polygonal FEM

Adarsh Chitradurga Achutha

MS Fall 2016

Simulation of the Acoustics of Bats






Visiting Scholars and Exchange Students



Year Visited

Home Institute


Yanying Ma

PhD Student


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Yongqi Ma

Associate Professor


Shanghai University, China

Wei Xie

Associate Professor


Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Zhao Guo PhD Student 2012-2013 Shanghai University, China

Bin Li

Associate Professor


Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Lihua Wen Professor 2011-2012 Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Haijun Wu

PhD Student


Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China






Graduated Students

Name (Thesis/Report)


First/Current Employer/School

Shuo Huang (Dissertation) PhD/Summer 2017 Synopsys, Inc.

Guangfeng Hou (Co-Advisor) (Dissertation)

PhD/Spring 2017

Johns Manville

Milind Bapat (Dissertation) PhD/Winter 2012 Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Liang Shen (Dissertation)

PhD/Fall 2007

Boeing Company

Xiaolin Chen (Dissertation)

PhD/Winter 2004

 Washington State University - Vancouver

Bangyong Keum (Dissertation)

PhD/Spring 2003

GE Appliances

Shaohai Chen (Dissertation)

PhD/Spring 2000

Apple Inc.


Mithil Kamble

MS/Summer 2017

PhD Student, RPI

Yuxiang Li (Thesis) MS/Spring 2014 PhD Student, UC
Anli Wang (Thesis) MS/Spring 2014 PhD Student, UC
Shuo Huang (Thesis) MS/Spring 2013 PhD Student, UC
Xin Han (Thesis) MS/Fall 2012 Belcan/Toyota Technical Center
Sameeul Samee (Thesis) MS/Spring 2012 Siemens
Daniel O'Brien (Thesis; Co-Advised) MS/Spring 2012 P&G
Mark Burchnall (Thesis; Co-Advised) MS/Winter 2012 Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Shawn Strabley (Report) MS/Summer 2011 GE Aviation
Rachel Cahan (Report) MS/Spring 2011 GE Aviation
Chris Sykora (Report) MS/Spring 2011 GE Aviation
Bharathwaj Kumar (Thesis; Co-Advised) MS/Spring 2011 GE Energy, India
Nepolean Rajasekaran (Thesis; Co-Advised) MS/Winter 2011 Vestas Wind Systems
Eliezer Alcantara Marte (Report) MS/Winter 2011 GE Aviation
Anup Arun Khinvasara (Report; Co-Advised) MS/Winter 2010 Kaleidoscope
Allison Rother (Report) MS/Fall 2009 Belcan
Sagar Bhamare (Thesis) MS/Fall 2009 PhD Student, UC

Namheon Lee (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2009

PhD Student, UC

Ashok R. Rageswaran (Thesis; Co-Advised) MS/Winter 2009 Biomerix
Robert Bockwich (Report)

MS/Summer 2008

GE Aircraft Engines

Krishnaveni Mellachervu (Thesis; Co-Advised)

MS/Spring 2008

2H Offshore Inc.

Sireesh Kakanur (Report)

MS/Spring 2008

JP Morgan Chase

Milind Bapat (Thesis)

MS/Fall 2006

PhD Student, UC

Nimish Jagtap (Thesis)

MS/Fall 2006

Kalsi Engineering, Inc.

Jie Zhu (Report)

MS/Summer 2006

Student, Georgia Tech

Krishna Kishore Chinta (Report)

MS/Winter 2006


Kalyan Chakravarthy Vutukuri (Report)

MS/Fall 2005


Srinivas Gade (Thesis)

MS/Fall 2005

American BOA Inc.

Sampath Kumar Venkata-Swamy (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2005

MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc.

Vineet Mokashi (Thesis; Co-Advised)

MS/Winter 2005


Venkatesh D. Chitnis (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2004


Donald J. Welty (Report)

MS/Summer 2003

GE Aircraft Engines

Uday-Kumar Chippada (Report)

MS/Winter 2003

PhD Student, Rutgers Univ.

Mohan Nuggehally (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2002

PhD Student, RPI

Kausik Mitra  (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2002

General Motors

Xiaolei Liu (Report)

MS/Summer 2002

MS Student, UC Math Dept.

Hui Fan (Thesis)

MS/Spring 2001

Andrew Corp

Vikram Shrowty (Report)

MS/Winter 2001

LSI Logic Corporation

Sachin Chaudhari (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2000

Documentum, Inc.

Pradyumna Kulkarni (Report)

MS/Summer 2000

Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

Gerry Otto (Thesis)

MS/Summer 2000

GE Aircraft Engines

Girish Deshmukh (Report)

MS/Spring 2000

Altair Engineering

Shannon McKenzie (Report)

MS/Spring 2000

GE Aircraft Engines

Paul Moncelle (Report)

MS/Spring 2000

GE Aircraft Engines

Jamel Wright (Report)

MS/Spring 2000

GE Aircraft Engines

Sridevi Kolluri (Report)

MS/Winter 2000

Cap Gemini America

Kumar Puppala (Report)

MS/Fall 1999


Nan Xu (Thesis)

MS/Summer 1999


Harikrishna Subramanian (Report)

MS/Summer 1999

Main Line Engineering Associate

Jian Sun (Report)

MS/Spring 1999


Scott M. Johnson (Report)

MS/Winter 1999

GE Aircraft Engines

Satish K. R. Bomma (Report)

MS/Fall 1998

Cardinal Solutions

Vamsee Paramatmuni (Report)

MS/Fall 1998


Jianfeng Luo (Thesis)

MS/Summer 1998

Synopsys, Inc.

Zhiming Lu

MS/Summer 1998


Shailesh R. Karmalkar (Thesis)

MS/Summer 1998


Madhav Lakkapragada (Report)

MS/Spring 1998


Tongzhou (Tony) Liu

MS/Spring 1998

Cincinnati Bell IS

Ge Sun

MS/Spring 1997

Whittman-Hart, Inc.





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